Strawberry Shortcake gets a cell phone?

Now you have to understand, I was one of those girls who grew up with Strawberry Shortcake in the 80’s. I had a Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag, and I can still clearly remember the sweet, powdery scent of the dolls. So i found it really interesting when I read about this rebranding effort from Hasbro. I get that they need to try to appeal to a whole new generation, and the original Strawberry looks outdated. But does she really need a cell phone? I don’t know about that.

She’s not the only one getting a makeoveróread the full New York Times article here.

via Vulture

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  1. adesignaffair says:

    Your blog rocks my world. You are catching all that I don't see in NYC and design world. Keep up with the great posts. I saw this article via the NYTimes and couldn't believe it. I am so a nostalgic girl and the classics are well 'Classics'.
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