2009 IKEA Picks

I just (excitedly) received my copy of the 2009 IKEA catalog the other day. So here are my picks from their new offerings. Hopefully I’ll be picking a couple of these up next time I make it out there.

2009 Ikea picks

  1. INGER fabrics, $5.99/yard
  2. SVEJE rugs, $12.99. They come in 5 colors, but I prefer the black and white.
  3. LERAN pendant lamp, $39.99-$89.99.
  4. JORUN cushion, $7.99
  5. SLÄTTHULT decorative stickers, $19.99
  6. PJÄTTERYD picture, $29.99
  7. JORUN rug, $39.99
  8. TROLLSTA side table, $79.99
  9. SNAJSIG frames, $3.99
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