T-shirt Wednesdays

Here are a couple of shirts that caught my eye in the Graniph new arrivals. Unfortunately, they cannot ship outside of Japan at the moment due to site maintenance, but they should be back up and running soon.

Bird Flash
Bird Flash, $28

All Typo
All Typo, $28

Fruits World
Fruits World, $28 (Text reads: “Beautiful feathers make a beautiful bird”

Update: Chris from Graniph commented on this post to let me know that they are now accepting International orders once again! Check the comments below for more details.


  1. chris says:

    Hi, this is Chris from graniph in Tokyo...Thanks for your support of our designs......Hope you don't mind me commenting here. Our site is able to accept international orders again. Here are the details: > Our site is now able to accept and process international orders (excluding Nigeria, which will resume service soon - please wait a little longer) - great! > The shopping and ordering process is just the same as it has always been. At the moment you can pay by credit card (Visa/Mastercard). We are now utilising various security protocols developed by major credit card companies (e.g. Visa's 3-D Secure, MasterCard's Securecode) to strengthen the safety of your shopping experience with graniph.com. > All prices are now displayed in Japanese Yen (with an approximation in a number of currencies alongside). > All items have been slightly reduced in price (e.g. T-shirts are now 2,500 Yen) > Shipping is now free for all orders over 15,000 yen!
  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the update Chris!
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