A Year of Hand-drawn Type

I immediately bought this Beau Ideal 2009 calendar when I saw it on Oatmeal and Cinnamon. Screenprinted in a limited edition of 50, each month depicts the names of cultural and iconic celebrities whose birthdays fall within it. Unsurprisingly the type won me over immediately—can’t wait to see it in person.

The calendar is currently sold out (as I write this) in the shop but I’m not sure how many pieces were originally listed, so there may be more. Keep your eyes open for updates here.

Beau Ideal 2009 Calendar 01

Beau Ideal 2009 Calendar 02

Beau Ideal 2009 Calendar 03


  1. andrea says:

    yo!!! i love this!! i gotta get one.
  2. courtney says:

    why did i find this years after it was written, this is BEAUTIFUL!
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