Here is a branding program for a Madison Museum of Contemporary Art exhibit, designed by Hiebing.

Heibing 01

Heibing 02

Heibing 03

From CA: “The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art asked us to help publicize a first of its kind exhibit. Design MMoCA for which interior designers were invited to create living spaces around art from the museum’s permanent collection. The result was a series of printed pieces using color, pattern and texture to create illustrations representing key elements of interior design. In a nod to the exhibit’s concept, the illustrations contain the letterform M from MMoCA”

Update: Nate wrote to tell us about the name change update so it is reflected above. Thanks Nate!

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  1. Nate says:

    Wow, that looks great! Just a FYI, it's "Hiebing" now, not "The Hiebing Group." We changed our name a few years back... Nice site by the by, very polished and fun.
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