Gift Guide: Air

Gift Guide: Air

From Wikipedia: Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius— Air represents the intellect and one’s ability to reason and communicate. The Air signs are associated with thought, perspective, hastiness, and communication. People with air in their astrological compositions are intellectual, objective, lively, idealistic and articulate.

Gift Guide: Air 01

1. Wooden USB Stick 1Gb, $96.50 / 2. Stitchable Keychains, $20.00 / 3. Wool Felt Square in 242 Pink, $14.00 / 4. To Do Pad, $7.00

Gift Guide: Air 02

5. Grid Wall Pockets, $70.00 / 6. Paperweight Clock, $20.00 / 7. recycled rolodex, $45.00 / 8. PlaceMaths Coaster Set – Charcoal/White, $22.00 / 9. Sukie Turn Over a New Leaf Journal, $16.95 / 10. get organized pouches, green, $20.00

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  1. Making a list « Short Term Memory says:

    [...] of guides, but instead of the usual categories, they are separated by horoscope type: earth, fire, air, [...]
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