Gift Guide: Water

Gift Guide: Water

From Wikipedia: Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Piscesó Water represents imagination, human feelings and one’s ability to love and sustain. The Water signs are associated with growth processes, imagination, identification and emotion, and people with a lot of water in their make up are sensitive, seductive, intuitive, imaginative, insightful, secretive, loving, learned, and moody.

Gift Guide: Water 01

1. Teal Floral Note Card Set (4), $7.00 / 2. Jar of Optimism Buttons, $24.95 / 3. Play and Learn eclectonote, $28.00 / 4. Flower Cluster wool felt pin, $11.75

Gift Guide: Water 02

5. French Love and L’alcool (large tote bag), $20.00 / 6. Grow Your Own Poster – Fairy Tale, $16.00 / 7. Georgia navy/lime clutch bag, $69.00 / 8. Sinead O. Moore Jade Tealights, set of 3, about $32.00 / 9. Alicia Bock 2009 Polaroid Calendar, $24.00 / 10.
Poketo Still of the Day Dreambook Large
, $32.00


  1. John says:

    These gift guides are awesome! I think I have almost all of my presents picked out this year because of you. Thanks!
  2. jolene says:

    hi there. i'm a water sign and i love this list! :) jingle, jingle!
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