Gift Guide: For the Guys

Gift Guide: For the Guys

Gift Guide for the Guys 01

1. Drinking Glass beer Bottles, Red Stripe, $50.00 / 2. Star Wars MiMobot USB Flash Drives, $50.00 / 3. Reveal Watch, Daniel Will-Harris, 2001 , $85.00 / 4. Strings Pocket Square, $35.00

Gift Guide: For the Guys 02

5. randL+Slow Loris I.D. Billfold, $24.00 / 6. Mini Ping Pong Table, $19.99 / 7. David Hart & Co. Bowtie, $115.00 / 8. Star Wars Storm Trooper LEGO Silver Cufflinks, $29.99

Gift Guide: For the Guys 03

9. Bolt Asphalt Shirt, $28.00 / 10. Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Collection, $49.00
11. Minus messenger bag in denim blue, $89.00 / 12. Felt I Pod Case Wave, $25.00

Normal posting will resume on Monday. I hope you all enjoyed the guides this week. Have a great weekend!


  1. John says:

    I'm getting those beer glasses for my little brother, that is perfect! I love these guides. I wish there were 16 items in every one.
  2. Ryan says:

    My friend is going to FREAK out over the Storm Trooper cufflinks!!!! Thanks :o)
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