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Update: Hello Heath owner Jay Parkinson commented to let me know that the current advertisements were actually the result of a collaboration between design firm Ghava, copywriter Alena Cason and himself. Thanks Jay!

The innovators over at the Barbarian Group are responsible for this excellent site and marketing campaign for Hello Health, a Brooklyn-based healthcare service. The idea behind Hello Health is intriguing—provide patients with in-home care, communicate through modern channels (email, text messaging, instant messaging etc.), and accept payments based on a monthly subscription system. So the designers had a great idea to work with, and it shows.

Hello Health 01
Ad seen in Time Out New York

Hello Health 02
Ad seen in Time Out New York

Also don’t miss this barbarian blog post to read more about the company’s interactive subway advertising.

Hello Health 03


  1. Jay Parkinson says:

    Thanks for the post! I'm the co-founder of Hello Health. Our most recent ads were created by a collaboration between the design firm Ghava (http://www.ghava.com/Info/About), our copywriter Alena Cason, and myself. The Barbarians did do our first ad, the awesome thought bubble subway ad. Thanks again!
  2. most recent news on Hello Health « the motley resident says:

    [...] Hello Health - designworklife [...]
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