Get ’em While You Can

20 x 26 collects out-of-print Pantone by Letraset posters and resells them as pieces of art. There are still some great colors left; but move quickly, they won’t be around for long. (I was lucky enough to snatch up PMS 807U before it sold out!)

20x26 01

20x26 02

via Pitch Design Union


  1. jamaica says:

    For 50 dollars?!?? Wow. I'm selling some blues and grays in my ETSY shop for $15. Maybe I need to reprice them!
  2. Courtney says:

    Wow! I think you probably could, the $50 ones are selling like crazy! Even if you doubled your price, it would still be a deal.
  3. kate says:

    gasp! these are SO cool!! I'm totally going to have to get a cheaper one from that etsy shop now. My boyfriend probably wouldn't have appreciated me buying the pink one anyway...:)
  4. crystal says:

    highly recommend the adam18 shop in Paris the reached out to me at when we ran out but we couldn't handle the load of orders anymore. stock up guys, these are gems!
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