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As previously mentioned, this week I’ve taken off to the Outer Banks for a much-needed vacation. And lucky for me, I’ve got some great blogger friends who agreed to guest post while I’m gone. Today you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from Ellie of Mint.

I can’t get enough of Californian Kelli Yon’s work, and after reading her bio I’m all the more intrigued:

On Kelli Yon’s twenty first birthday, two life changing events occurred. First, she learned that her vision was drastically impaired and that the world actually looked much different than she realized. Second, she was given a camera. This sparked her lifelong passion to explore and document the minutia of the everyday around her.”

Kelli later received her MFA and has been widely exhibited.



Thanks so much for having me on Design Work Life today!

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  1. John says:

    I'm really interested in finding out what she sees when she looks at her work.
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