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I don’t feature web design too often, but that is about to change. In addition to having an interesting concept for their own site (the site is designed around forced stimulation, so the moving gif’s actually battle the “channel surfing” nature people often have online); P41 Studios is responsible for some excellent client designs. Clean, thoughtful and user-friendly, they’re exactly the types of sites I want to visit, and tend to hang around on more than usual. A few highlights are belowólove their Craigs List redesign proposalóbut you can check out their entire portfolio right here.

P41 Studios 01

P41 Studios 02

P41 Studios 03


  1. Jessica says:

    UI is an art. Not everyone can not only create something beautiful but functional and usable as well. These are gorgeous sites, and I'm especially enthusiastic about the Craigslist redesign proposal because...well the current on is just so ugly... Jes
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  6. Sally says:

    I know this is an old post and it's hard to keep track...but the two links mentioned here link out to a....NSFW site. Just thought you might like to know and potentially change it?
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