I’ve wasn’t planning on adding another post this week, but I had to share these amazing posters I came across last night on B?hance. The series was created for by Martino&Jaña for the Guimarães Jazz 2009 event. I love all the details of each of them, but that chunky expressive lettering won me over at first sight.

Martino and Jana 01

Martino and Jana 02

Martino and Jana 03

Martino and Jana 04


  1. Diane Faye Zerr says:

    Wow! That first one is just amazing! I love TYPE!!!
  2. paulo says:

    beautiful, but not very easy to read and understand.
  3. peter says:

    I just LOVE it!
  4. joão ribeiro says:

    olá a todos! Antes de mais parabéns... e obrigado pela forma como trabalham. os vossos posteres são uma fonte de inspiração e onde quer que estejam afixados são sempre motivo para parar um pouco e apreciar as formas e as funções do design gráfico.
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