Calendar Favorites (so far)

Last year I ended up with way more calendars than I had spots for, so this year I’m following all the calendar round-ups—check out Paper Crave, Decor8 wall, desk and poster—and making a list of favorites before I actually buy anything. Here’s what I have my eye on so far:

Parrot Design 2010 Letterpress Calendar
Cal 01

2010 Dutch Door Press Calendar
Cal 02

Ink and Wit 2010 Letterpress Calendar
Cal 03

Saddle Stitch Studio 2010 Wall Calendar
Cal 04

2010 Noa Bembibre Wall Calendar
Cal 05

Night Owl Paper Goods 2010 Pattern Calendar
Cal 06

1 Comment

  1. H. Michael Karshis says:

    Cool resource - chek out theis perpetual calendar - still fresh and available after 12 years, get 'em while they last at my Cool Junk Store over at Esty! Thanks for looking! peace, HMK
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