Gift Guide 2009: Air

Gift Guide 2009: Air

From Wikipedia: Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius— Air represents the intellect and one’s ability to reason and communicate. The Air signs are associated with thought, perspective, hastiness, and communication. People with air in their astrological compositions are intellectual, objective, lively, idealistic and articulate.

Gift Guide 2009: Air 01

1.Book Box, $120.00 / 2. Reprodepot Mix & Match Stationery, $8.95 / 3. The Storyboard Book 3 Pack, $10.00 / 4. Paper Geek Magnets, $5.00 / 5. Paper Weight, $39.00 / 6. Interoffice Laptop Sleeve, $55.00

Gift Guide 2009: Air 02

7. OOAK Vintage Geometry Print Rescued Paper Notebook, $16.00 / 8. Motif Cubes 02, $24.95 / 9. The Visual Miscellaneum, $15.78 / 10. Primary Triangle Organic Cotton Unisex Tee, $25.00


  1. jane says:

    love those paper geek magnets! (and no problems with the photos, fyi.)
  2. Sarah says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for featuring my notebook in your gift guide – which is pretty fantastic, by the way.
  3. sandra says:

    hi! the storyboard notebook is the perfect gift to a friend and i've tried to send an email to the company that sells them to know if they can send it to my country. i'm sorry to bother you, but the email is always returned... can you give me some other email address of company? thank you :)
  4. milly says:

    Wow, i love all of your picks--totally digging your style! Many thanks for including my Paper Geek magnets!
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