Gift Guide 2009: Earth

Gift Guide 2009: Earth

From Wikipedia: Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn— Earth represents one’s material resources, environment and possessions. The Earth signs are associated with sensation, stability and practicality, and people with a lot of earth in their make up are solid, dependable, thorough, responsible, cautious, overexertive, overprotective, and quiet.

Gift Guide 2009: Earth 01

1. The Hawthorne Hat, $32.00 / 2. Grain Measure, $18.00 / 3. Little Otsu Annual Vol. 4 Weekly Planner, $18.00 / 4. Bone Votive, $40.00 / 5. Pom Pom Coasters, $14.00 / 6. Modern Bird Lunch Bags, $18.00

Gift Guide 2009: Earth 02

7. Deluxe Whimsy and Spice Gift Set, $48.00 / 8. Set of 3 PataPri Hand Towels, $27.00 / 9. Vintage Welsh Blanket, Approx. $124.00 / 10. Horizontal Bamboo Honeycomb Necklace, $28.80


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  2. Encore Bride says:

    I'm a Virgo and this is right on point, in fact I had already bookmarked one of these items, thanks!
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