David Maisel

These breathtaking aerial photographs are part of David Maisel’s Terminal Mirage project. Here’s a little background from the site:

In his project Terminal Mirage, Maisel intentionally obscures the function, location, scale, and condition of his subject. No title names the Great Salt Lake or its environs as his subject. His images all share exquisite abstract colorations and design. A few pictures are obviously landscapes. Others are so lacking in items that identify scale they might be images of deteriorating walls or macro photographs of laboratory dishes. As he intends, we are first engaged by the beauty that dances across these large scale prints. Then myriad questions arise: Who or what created what we see in these views? The answers are neither easily explained nor universally confirmed, and the answers are less interesting to Maisel than the questions and discussions the pictures might evoke. (By Anne Wilkes Tucker (excerpted from David Maisel: Terminal Mirage catalogue; published 2005; ISBN 1-59005-120-3)

David Maisel 01

David Maisel 02

David Maisel 03

via But Does it Float


  1. spencer says:

    Awesome shot of the Spiral Jetty.
  2. rburch says:

    I think I may have seen some of these at Mass MoCa. They are amazing photos.
  3. kombizz says:

    it was a good idea to take images from above like a bird
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