Feltron in Progress

Swayspace is currently painstakingly letterpressing the 2009 Feltron Annual Report, which as you can imagine is no simple letterpress job. Here are a few shots of their process. Can’t wait to get my copy.

Feltron in Progress 01

Feltron in Progress 02

Feltron in Progress 03

Feltron in Progress 04


  1. london says:

    ???????, ???????? ??????
  2. player says:

    ???????? ? london, ?????? ??????????
  3. Radizzblog says:

    Radizz... Hm... ...
  4. RadderMonsterblog says:

    RadderMonster... wow!. .....
  5. RadderMonsterblog says:

    RadderMonster... design? ...
  6. RadderMonsterblog says:

    RadderMonster... super! ...
  7. TvoyaMorda says:

    TvoyaMorda... maybe...
  8. GoogYours says:

    GoogYours... good...
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