Seth Akkerman

Seth Akkerman does some great print work, including this Fowl Approach to Bird Watching wood cut print that really caught my eye. The details are impressive—look closely and you might be able to see the shotguns blind embossed into the print. This print as well as a few others, are available at his Big Cartel shop right here.

Seth Akkerman 01

Seth Akkerman 02

Seth Akkerman 03


  1. Diane Faye Zerr says:

    Wow, I love the unique size of the print. And I am a huge fan of shadow puppets, this is awesome!
  2. artyfarty says:

    such small type carving, great print! if i had more money i would buy it!
  3. Jen says:

    i thought this was a great idea and the execution was beautiful. I love prints from carvings.
  4. j says:

    ha! nice gesture on the hummingbird ;)
  5. Seth Akkerman says:

    I'm glad you guys like the print and I am really glad you noticed the small type carving. J, it usually takes people a minute to notice the hummingbird. I swear the hand was positioned the same way I found it in an old reference book. It just so happens to add extra meaning to the bird watching.
  6. Layout | Shadow puppet poster « Layman's layout says:

    [...] via Seth Akkerman. [...]
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