Verdun is the result of a collaboration between Mind Design and Rafael Farias.The work in progress is a modern take on Morris Fuller Benton’s typeface Parisian, and is named after the battle between the French and Germans during WWI.

Verdun 01

Verdun 02


  1. Emily says:

    Great font! Do you know where it can be purchased?
  2. Courtney says:

    Hi Emily, It's actually a work in progress, so there aren't any details on purchasing yet. I'll be sure to post an update when I know more.
  3. Ellen says:

    Yummy fonts! Gosh, aren't they just like candy? I just bought Chic Hand at check it out, it's pretty lovely. The ligature set seem to missing a couple of key glyphs, but oh well!
  4. Amanda says:

    Any updates on the font being available for purchase yet? i LOVE it!
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