The White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland has always been a popular subject for creatives to work with, understandably so. I’ve always been drawn to the story and its characters, so any work on the topic usually catches my eye. This project by Uuonn, is one example. Without much context, I can’t speak too much to the purpose or thinking behind the piece. But I’m definitely drawn to the craftsmanship and details (love the foil stamped title) of the images shown.


  1. zy says:

    Ah, this is a restaurant here in Singapore. Delightful place really
  2. Sarah says:

    I love this cover. Gorgeous design.
  3. jane says:

    forwarded this to my girlfriend who is living in singapore. (wonder if she's been?) lovely work.
  4. The White Rabbit Update | design work life says:

    [...] to Zy in the com­ments of this post, I found that The White Rabbit is actu­ally a restau­rant in Singapore. And they also have a [...]
  5. james says:

    hello all
  6. The White Rabbit | design work life / says:

    [...] via [...]
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