Martino&Jaña: Induse

Awhile ago I posted about Martino&Jaña‘s beautifully hand-lettered posters for the Guimarães Jazz 2009 event. So I was happy to see a couple of new-to-me projects in their portfolio when I checked back in with them. This project, in contrast to the earlier work I posted, is quiet and minimal. But I was struck by its attention to detail and production, like the embossed super thin lines of the logo.

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  1. João Martino says:

    Hi Courtney, Since you were one of the first to notice our “Guimarães Jazz 2009” posters (before they become a big success), we would like to have some feedback about the 2010 ones. We are curious to know, what does someone who liked the 2009 edition, thinks about such a different approach. (almost an opposite in some perspectives) If you have the time and the patience, of course. :) Keep up the good work, Martino
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