As most have moved on to 100% digital music files, it’s pretty rare to see any sort of music packaging these days. WE ART YOU, the work of Andrew Murabito, happens to be a pleasant exception to the rule.


  1. Rachelle says:

    Love that hand drawn type on the design for Ava's album. Really nice.
  2. russ morris says:

    Beautiful work on all three. The art of the album cover is dead, I think. CDs pretty much killed it. 5" square covers don't make it easy to see detail. I still have a few vinyl records in my collection, and those were saved because of their rarity, the cover art, or just sentiment. Although I may be in the minority, I still buy CDs and rip 'em to mp3 myself. That way if, if for some freaky reason, the three hard drives that hold my music collection die, I can at least re-rip. Overkill, I know. But that's just me 8^)
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