Monday Quick Links: 06.21.10

Quick Links

Looking forward to checking out James Victore’s new book, Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss? and Lettering & Type.

Future by Design is an interesting new project from Forbes Magazine that will spotlight five ‘up-and-coming’ designers from different disciplines.

Amazing chalk artworks.

Space150’s latest business card design is pretty freaking amazing. Gradient edge printing? Yes, please.

Good read: 6 Steps for Creating a Stunning Print-based Portfolio.

Loving this round-up of vintage crayon packaging.

Ed Nacional recently set up shop with a line of digital cards featuring his Tiepography. It may be a little late for Father’s Day this year, but you could always plan ahead for next.

Check out this beautiful packaging update to loja de estar’s music boxes.

Keep track of the World Cup events with this site created by Austin Taylor.


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  2. Vintage Packaging – – The Packaging Insider Packaging Blog - Packaging InsiderPackaging Insider says:

    [...] designworklife /* February 2, 2012Reducing Packaging Costs in Ecommerce EraAugust 23, 2012Amazon & Wal-Mart [...]
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