Monday Quick Links: 08.16.10

Quick Links

I loved Where the Wild Things Are, so I love this Please don’t go… poster by dear colleen.

Exhibit/Poster is a new poster design gallery created by Dash Station.

Even though these gorgeous F. Scott Fitzgerald covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith have been posted all over the place, I thought they still certainly deserved a mention here.

Looking for business card inspiration? Check out Smashing Magazine’s Business Card Design Starter Kit.

Good Reads: I Wish I’d Known That and Managing Your Personal Brand Online.

I’m currently drooling over these amazing domino table surfaces by Thomas Pausz.

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  1. Gorgeous Book Design | Something Beautiful: A Daily Appreciation says:

    [...] o' the hat to Coutney of designworklife.] 0 Comments « Previous [...]
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