A USPS Redesign

Unfortunately I highly doubt this would ever fly in real life, but I’m loving Matt Chase’s retro, cheerful USPS redesign.


  1. Andrea says:

    love this. very fun.
  2. emily says:

    SO GREAT... love this!
  3. Mary Kate says:

    Trips to the post office would be less daunting if we got to look at these great designs!
  4. Daniel says:

    If it happened under an Administration of the X Party, the Y Party would attack it, or vice versa. But the USPS is, in any case, in a death spiral. It faces elastic demand curves, its costs exceed its revenues, and it its means of reducing its costs shift its demand curves inward.
  5. Shilo says:

    I love it! The ribbon banners especially warm the cold cold feelings I have for the US Post.
  6. Micah says:

    Great work!
  7. Matt Chase redesigns the United States Postal Service on Doobybrain.com says:

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