Stamps of Disapproval

Anyone who’s experienced the critique process will relate to the sentiments expressed in Stamps of Disapproval, a set of 12 rubber stamps created by RISD grad Heather K. Phillips. I especially love how the multiple phrases come together on the postcards shown below—so, so true. I certainly have heard (or said) all of those things many many times.

The stamps can be purchased, along with the accompanying postcards and other playfully academic objects, at Schooled.


  1. PaperDollMN says:

    I love these. Though I do wince at the resurrected memories of former professors ...
  2. Emily says:

    I need to get me some of those...hahaha
  3. Shalini says:

    In art school you learn that "Interesting" is the kiss of death.
  4. John Hedtke says:

    I have one in my desk drawer that says "Translate into English."
  5. Mig Reyes says:

    I think this set could use "Make it pop" and "Plus it up," with a bonus of "Can we make it sexier?"
  6. Ari Lacenski says:

    I wonder what Phillips' professors would have to say about these.
  7. Jen says:

    Ah yes, I remember the "Are you happy with this?" well.
  8. I liked it better last week | Floor Drees says:

    [...] via [...]
  9. AFishman says:

    love these! the truth is these words are used everyday in the real world of the profession.
  10. Maribel says:

    Love these I would use them in my classroom
  11. Cynsational Information & Giveaways | TiaMart Blog says:

    […] Stamps of Disapproval […]
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