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I very rarely feature advertising on dwl, mainly because I don’t often encounter any that makes me look. But 3 Advertising has certainly proven me wrong. Their portfolio is filled with smart, visually arresting ads for a whole variety of clients. In particular, I love the look, feel and messaging of this work for Newday, a life skills academy and shelter for at-risk youth. The also created their logo which I think has such a quiet brilliance to it. Want more? Check them out on Flickr.



  1. elissa @ faucethead says:

    that logo is awesome! great finds. i know what you mean about advertising, you really have to work to be noticed these days, especially on television. i rarely watch live TV anymore, everything is DVR'ed so it takes a lot to catch my eye. if you're interested we're having a really easy to enter giveaway here: http://www.faucethead.com/blog/?p=1208. stop on by!
  2. Jason says:

    There's a lot of great advertising out there, but it's often done for small companies/organizations like this one. Small shops usually bridge the gap between advertising and design really well. 3 definitely sets a high standard. Thanks for sharing such a great campaign.
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