Seven Sins

I may not fully understand the meaning behind each image of the Seven Sins series by Alexey Malina, but I’m loving the formal qualities of the striking black and white shapes and the light sans serif typography.


  1. Marco says:

    This posters series is inspired from the anime «Full Metal Alchemist» but i don't understand how this shape remind to each character. Any case the final result is very interesting.
  2. Gray says:

    Dare I make the bold suggestion that the shapes hold no meaning/connection whatsoever to the seven deadly sins? It looks nice and all, but they're just basic shapes and even then they don't seem particularly matched to their sin. How is lust not the upside-down triangle, if you, you know, think of the visual metaphor? Pretty but that's it.
  3. Brian says:

    Pretty sure there's an extra "Gluttony" where there should be a "Sloth"
  4. Joe says:

    That's what was missing...sloth. Good catch!
  5. pete says:

    Shapes are trendy.
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