Robert Festino

Despite their recent decline, I’m still a bit of a magazine junkie. So these spreads art directed by Robert Festino really caught my eye.

via @Matt Lehman


  1. Robert Festino | Visual Mixtape says:

    [...] design work life » Robert Festino. [...]
  2. Misty Morning Prints » Blog Archive » theme music says:

    [...] food photography from Robert [...]
  3. Ryan says:

    which magazine is this in and where can I get it? Looks awesome!
  4. Jennifer Hood says:

    This is so simple yet vivid! Love it.
  5. Evening Edition | The Roof is on Phire says:

    [...] Gorgeous food photography (no, it’s not the IKEA catalogue art). [...]
  6. Robert Festino « The blog part of it all | design, stuff & things says:

    [...] design work life { no comment } :| { Tags: bon appetit, design history, magazine, photography, robert festino [...]
  7. florence says:

    great pictures and fantastic colors!
  8. fessols&naps says:

    we posted about R. Festino too. If you want to check it: It would be great a client allowing that kind of editorial design, not everybody understand what is good design.
  9. Evening Edition ‹ Phire Walk With Me says:

    [...] minutes to read.A 5-year-old boy with leukemia is selling his art o raise money for his treatment.Gorgeous food photography (no, it’s not the IKEA catalogue art).Motorist flips off of his motorbike a split second [...]
  10. Robert Festino « says:

    [...] via design work life [...]
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