Letterpress Designers Calendar

If you also read one of my favorite design blogs, Graphic Exchange, you may have seen several posts about a 2011 Letterpress Designers Calendar. Following the success of the graphic designer posters, Fabien Barral created a calendar featuring a deisigner-ism for each month.

The calendar is now available for pre-order on a limited edition print run right here, where you can also check out all of the pages and learn more about the process.


  1. Staci says:

    Oh no, there is a typo in calendar 12! ...should be "achieved" instead of "achieve"
  2. Nicole Marie says:

    uh-oh typo alert on month 12
  3. Fabien Barral says:

    Thanks for the worry, but these are just the preview, and it has been corrected for printing version...
  4. Ursa Major by ptarmak says:

    [...] a lot to the following for the nice posts and promotion on the letterpress calendar project : Designworklife, Yatzer, typographe.com, Picame, WE, [...]
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