Le Soleil & La Lune

I’m loving this new pair of prints, Le Soleil & La Lune, from Double Merrick. The set has been printed in a very limited edition, only 25 copies, so move quickly if you’d like to have one for yourself.


  1. Le Soleil & La Lune | Colossal says:

    [...] available, d’oh, but still pretty). Lots more stuff in the Double Merrick store though. (via design work life) But wait there's more... November 28, 2010 • [...]
  2. wednesday loves - waysideviolet - waysideviolet says:

    [...] And last but not least, I love this pair of La Lune & Le Soleil prints (via Design Work Life) [...]
  3. Over the Moon | Design Bright says:

    [...] & star / eclipse / diamonds / la lune / historic [...]
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