Gift Guide 2010: Water

From Wikipedia: Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces— Water represents imagination, human feelings and one’s ability to love and sustain. The Water signs are associated with growth processes, imagination, identification and emotion, and people with a lot of water in their make up are sensitive, seductive, intuitive, imaginative, insightful, secretive, loving, learned, and moody.

1. Curiosities Gift Wrapping Kit, $24.95 / 2. Dream Hug Shirt, $32.00 / 3. Lovely Hope Postcard Set, $12.00 / 4. Pools 2, $26.00

5. Tiny Felted Wood Bowl, $17.00 / 6. Paper Puppets, $28.00 / 7. 3 Year Planner, $25.00 / 8. Classic Notecard Box, about $15.59

9. Kaleidescope Kit, $16.00 / 10. LEGO Daisy Earrings, $6.99 / 11. Wonderland Notebook, $18.00 / 12. The Being There Diary, $16.00


  1. Karin says:

    What a genius theme for a gift guide! Wouldn't you know I clicked the most links in my own element. Well done.
  2. Quickly! | The Future Mrs. Darcy says:

    [...] But for those of you hip deep in the holiday season check out Not Martha’s huge holiday link list and Courtney’s Gift Guide by astrological sign. [...]
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