An Object of Beauty

I have heard so many great things about Steve Martin’s new novel, An Object of Beauty, that it has flown to the top of my reading list. So I was thrilled to hear from Darren Booth last week, who is the artist behind the book’s cover. Working under the creative direction of Anne Twomey, Darren set out to create a bold typographic solution that references fine art painters without borrowing from any specific artist. And the resulting cover features a series of unique, painterly, and richly colored letterforms, a design that will definitely stand out on shelves. The book also features some great textural details that can only be experienced in person, including an ultra-gloss lamination on the typography and a paper stock that emulates primed canvas.

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  1. Friday Finds 12.31.10 says:

    [...] 2. This stunningly designed book cover for Steve Martin’s latest caught my eye. Designed by Darren Booth, it is supposed to resemble fine art painting without referencing a specific artist. And, apparently, in person, the type is in high-gloss and the paper stock resembles a primed canvas. Incredible! [Via Design Work Life] [...]
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