Adiós LA

When designer Jon Jackson accepted a job that would take him from Los Angeles to New York, he wanted to leave with a bang. And what better way to send a big message than via billboard? So he designed and produced a series of large scale, visual farewells the city he’s called home for years—a pretty amazing idea, if you ask me. Check out Adios LA to get a closer look at each of the five typographic billboard designs and learn more about the project.


  1. Jason says:

    These are hilarious. Maybe he could do some welcome to NY signs for himself too.
  2. visualingual says:

    OMG, this might be my favorite self-directed design project of the year. He should take a similar opportunity to introduce [or welcome] himself to NYC.
  3. F/B says:

    Huge ego but beautiful illustration!
  4. Los Angeles Break-Up Billboards by Jon Jackson « Visualingual says:

    [...] See the whole project online at Adios LA or in person through 15 Jan. Via design work life. [...]
  5. sc says:

  6. JS says:

    These are so horrible. Insulting to LA, and ugly too.
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