The Office of Nature: Lux Beauty Boutique

Any shade of blue-green captures my attention immediately. So take that and combine it with an intricate and letterpress, and I’m hooked. The Office of Nature did just that with the Lux Beauty Boutique’s stationery, so I was of course an instant fan.


  1. Jennifer Grimm says:

    Oh my gosh, what a treat to find this post! LUX Beauty Boutique is my store : ) Katherine from Office of Nature did this work for me and she is the best graphic designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I swear, it's like "my mind to your mind" when working with her (all long distance via email, too, if you can believe). Thank you so much for featuring her brilliant work - she definitely deserves the praise! - Jennifer owner, LUX Beauty Boutique
  2. Lux Beauty Boutique : Lovely Stationery . Curating the very best of stationery design says:

    [...] Via Design Work Life [...]
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