Javas Lehn: Still Liquor

Great work for Seattle’s Still Liquor by Javas Lehn.


  1. Jason says:

    Very classy. Nice work Javas.
  2. jmartin says:

    im sure an automobile is a great way to promote liquor
  3. Jen says:

    I know where I will be drinking this weekend. Great logo and concept!
  4. jessica says:

    what are the typefaces used here?
  5. pablo says:

    i am glad someone isn't doing another neo-modernism graphic design blog
  6. Oliver says:

    Javas is a great dude and one whose skills I have always envied. I worked with him at Hornall Anderson for about 3 years. Javalanche!
  7. Richard MacVicar says:

    very boardwalk empire
  8. Benji A. says:

    smooth logo.
  9. FFFFOUND! | design work life » Javas Lehn: Still Liquor says:

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  10. Gregory Terry says:

    The automobile makes sense given that homemade hooch from a homemade still was often used in the gas tanks of early 4 cylinder engines in the getaway cars of rum runners. This design is solid.
  11. campsite | still liquor says:

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  12. Tuesday, March 29 | introtomacpbsc says:

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