Richard Arthur Stewart: Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop

The aim of the identity for Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop, designed by Richard Arthur Stewart, was to evoke traditional Americana, a style that the Boston-based shop epitomizes.


  1. Jason says:

    Keeping Beantown looking good. Nice work.
  2. Leah @ Freutcake says:

    Great work! Such a clever logo...I have designer envy.
  3. Lisa says:

    I love the image of the comb with the bird in the middle ... very creative!
  4. Dan Judge says:

    Ditto about the bird comb. Smart.
  5. rich stewart says:

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
  6. Vigor Branding says:

    Great photography and a great identity. Well put together. Love the black and white only approach to, not only, the work, but also the photography of the work.
  7. Jeff says:

    Very, very nice. Consistant, creative and smart.
  8. Frau Haselmayer says:

    Um, well, the resemblence to the Reichsadler ( makes me feel uncomfortable...
  9. Johnny Miracle says:

    Frau Haselmayer, you are a boring boring person. It's clean and tight. I like.
  10. sarah says:

    wow this is fantastic. that third photo down showing the full collection.. too awesome.
  11. Laura says:

    LOVE THIS. Mostly because my father refers to my grandmother's boyfriend only as "Fast Eddy".
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  13. John says:

    Great idea basing a logo off the old Nazi Party eagle… oh hang on no it's a terrible idea.
  14. Jason says:

    John, Why don't you leave us a URL so we can see the kind of work you do? If you're going to bad mouth someone, you better back it up with some quality work. By the way, since when did the Nazis get exclusive rights to the eagle?
  15. Courtney says:

    This seems to be getting a little out of hand. I love a good discussion, but let's be nice people! The eagle isn't only a graphic used in the Nazi era, it is also a traditional American symbol. And being that this is a U.S. based business‚ that cited "Americana" as an influence, no less—I highly doubt the former was the designer's inspiration.
  16. rich stewart says:

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  19. Brook says:

    Does loving this make me a Nazi? If so, slap a swastika on my arm and call it a day.
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  23. Holly says:

    What stock was used for the stationary?
  24. rich stewart says:

    Hey Holly, It's called Brown Bag Paper Kraft...I think available in 70lb and 100lb.
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  28. Isidra Bueckers says:

    Much appreciated!
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  30. ender HD says:

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