Oliver Barrett: Charting the Beatles

Check out these gorgeous illustrations by Oliver Barrett for the Charting the Beatles project. Prints are available at Imagekind.


  1. Laura says:

    LOVE this!
  2. Geoff May says:

    I think these illustrations are awesome. My only critique is that I would have made all of Paul's instruments left handed, since he's a lefty. Other than that small detail, nice work!
  3. Jimm says:

  4. Illustrationen: The Beatles von Oliver Barrett | STEREOKULTUR.COM says:

    [...] designworklife) Tweet Schlagwörter:2011, Charting The Beatles, Design, Illustrationen, Oliver Barrett, The [...]
  5. John says:

    Not bad, but little known fact is that Ringo was actually a proficient pianist. Other than that, very great work!
  6. Charting the Beatles | innov8design says:

    [...] Via design work life. [...]
  7. Sam White says:

    Where is George's Rickenbacker?
  8. anonymous says:

    Paul plays drums too. Except for that, great work :)
  9. John McTavish says:

    Load of shite. Typical yanks being over the top and creaming their pants (underwear) over some average art. Well done.
  10. DRG says:

    @John McTavish- Typical Brit showing his true douchiness, hunkered down in his mom's (mum's) basement, trolling for things to complain about so he can feel better about his pathetic life. Well done, asshat.
  11. Rose Tyler says:

    I'm pretty sure John played the ukulele as well, but other than that, this was pretty flipping amazing
  12. Accoutant Atlanta GA says:

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  13. C:\TMP says:

    All those complaining about what instruments were left out.. It's art, not an encyclopedia. Get a life! Btw, Awesome illustrations, love them all.
  14. Ahmad says:

    Great design i like that, I really appreciate your idea, You have a best thmatic approach ... Vertical Jump Bible
  15. john says:

    where is the 12 string rickenbacker for GEORGE!!!!! that was their sound and definitely notable. geeeeez!
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