Markatos Moore: Morehouse Identity

Love this identity for Morehouse, a high school counseling and support program, by Markatos Moore. It’s too bad the program wasn’t implemented—a youthful identity such as this would definitely have made me feel more comfortable if I were to need any of these services back in my high school days.


  1. Jae Dollason says:

    I love how creative the letterhead is and the whole identity hits the target audience perfect. This is really the style that attracts high school students and "Guidance through understanding" is a perfect tagline to make that connection. I'm not sure that "Health Center" is really the best thing to use and may blur the direction of the company for students of that level. Though I understand what and why it was used, possibly something that reinforces what the company does plain and simple enough to understand for them would be better. I think it's beautiful though. The typography is amazing and the math equations are very cool complement :)
  2. katie says:

    Not working for me. Too harsh and shouty for what's supposed to be a comforting service.
  3. Courtney says:

    That's an interesting point. Soothing is definitely not an adjective I'd use to describe it. But for me, the fact that it's brighter and hipper and younger looking than typical guidance programs would be something I would identify with and make me feel more comfortable. But I can see how it wouldn't be that way for everyone.
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