The Bicycle Cap by peSeta

The Bicycle cap is a new collaboration between the Spanish textile company, peSeta, and NYC’s New Museum. The exclusive line of caps were made using a contraption built by connecting a bicycle and a sewing machine; and each one comes packaged inside a wooden cheese box with bilingual labels and a DVD. They will be available exclusively in the New Museum’s gift shop starting later this week.

Be sure to check out this charming short documentary (which you’ll find on the DVD), which will give you a look into the love story behind its inception:


  1. a true bike cap! « Right On Canvas…photos, art, & more says:

    [...] [...]
  2. Lluís says:

    Falling in love, a real teamwork. Congratulations!
  3. My Corner View − A bicycle and a sewing machine fall in love… says:

    [...] love this idea. The film really makes it for me, and the adorable story that they have [...]
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