KUDIO: Grill’d

Check out this identity for Grill’d, an Australian restaurant chain that offers healthy burgers. The design was created by Andrea Wilcock of Kudio while at at Fabio Ongarato Design, and features illustrations by Josh Gurrie.


  1. Vigor Restaurant Branding says:

    This is a great identity. I feel like the posters could have a little more copy depth to them, but what a great concept. I'm going to have to post over at my blog www.invigor8.net, thanks for posting!
  2. Glenn says:

    Great to see Grill'd on here! They recently went under a bit of a re-vamp in their stores and replaced all of those illustrations with new ones - just as awesome.
  3. eLfy says:

    Nice, I wrote quite the same about Grill'd a few month ago... Love the identity. http://www.victona.com/blog/?q=grill+d
  4. Evernotes Every Friday « Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] This post may not have a wedding invitation, but it certainly needs some BBQ (everything is better with BBQ, as my husband would say). While Grill’d restaurant is a burger joint, not BBQ, it inspired me as we continue to develop our Rooftop BBQ brand. I love how there’s such a variety of pieces and they all have a cohesive look while being able to stand apart as well. Found via designworklife. [...]
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