Evan Stremke: Invitation to an Assassination

I’m pretty interested in this new project by Evan Stremke, Invitation to an Assassination. In his own words, “The ‘Invitation to an Assassination’ series examines how seemingly routine and casual occurrences can quickly become extraordinary events with a profound global impact the moment a powerful figure, whether it be a world leader or pop culture icon, is assassinated.” It’s a pretty fascinating topic to examine, for sure. More posters are in the works—keep an eye out right here.


  1. EnergonCube says:

    I only wish he wasn't using the EXACT same background texture for all of the posters.
  2. Evan Stremke says:

    Thanks again for the feature! EnergonCube (Awesome name by the way), I plan on revisiting each piece and making subtle changes within. I didn't think this project was going to get much visibility, so I kind of rushed the first handful of pieces. Rest assured they'll look slightly different once the project comes to a close. Thanks again -Ev
  3. TunnelBravo says:

    These are great. I really dig the design style and the concept is very interesting. Looking forward to the next round.
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