Cory Loven Prints

I’m loving this series of six retro prints by Cory Loven, who is currently a designer at the legendary Charles S. Anderson Design.



  1. sarah says:

    ADORE these! I'm obsessed with the resurgence of retro style illustrations. Great share!
  2. Cory Loven « says:

    [...] See more of Cory’s work here. Via Design Work Life. [...]
  3. Glen Mullaly says:

    Interesting. The last image (cowboy kid) is a direct swipe of a vintage Jerry Smath illustration from Humpty Dumpty magazine. Here's the original...
  4. Annie says:

    Good point! But look at his site, even his description states that the prints were "preserved and recreated from Mid-Century Illustrations" at CSA Design, which is an amazing firm devoted to the creation and preservation of design and illustration. So quit being a cyber-bully, mister.
  5. Dan says:

    There is no problem with preserving and/or recreating imagery. It is just a little disingenuous to slap your logo on something that very obviously came from another illustrator or source, as I am sure all of these images did. Not really bullying, just pointing out the truth.
  6. Courtney says:

    From what I understand, for some of their work, CSA puts their own spin on images that are in the public domain. So while someone way back when did create the originals, they're not violating any sort of copyright with their process. It's definitely a bit of a controversial topic that not everyone agrees with.
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