Ben Barry: Mark Zuckerberg’s Stationery

I’m super impressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s personal stationery, designed by Ben Barry, which features some fun production details, including a clear foil stamp and hand-embossed seal, combined with a subtle and quiet color palette. But what’s perhaps most impressive (and surprising) is the fact that he still takes the time to personally correspond to by mail.

via Faye & Co.


  1. visualingual says:

    How awesome that the Father of Facebook uses personal stationery!
  2. Monday Quick Links | Jessica Force says:

    [...] Zuckerberg’s Personal Stationery //  Designed by Ben Barry. [...]
  3. Ed Palacios says:

    It's pretty cool seeing that he has his own identity instead of just using Facebook's for everything.
  4. From the desk of Mark Zuckerberg « I want to go to there says:

    [...] (Source: Design Work Life) [...]
  5. Weekly Link Round-Up | my world is on Phire says:

    [...] Mark Zuckerberg’s Stationery As pretty as it is pretentious. [...]
  6. Weekly Link Round-Up ‹ Phire Walk With Me says:

    [...] a few weeks ago and called him a Snuggie. His fans were angry. JoCo responds, very intelligently.Mark Zuckerberg’s Stationery As pretty as it is pretentious.Close-up of Mosquito Bite Not for the faint of heart.I Regret to [...]
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