Owen Davey: Royal Plateful

In response to the fuss surrounding the Royal Wedding, Orange: The Feed, asked Owen Davey to create a series of plates to commemorate the “not-so-special moments of the general public.” So they put a call out on twitter for submissions, and received gems like “I walked a husky through the bluebells” and “I talk to my cats too much but they never answer back.” This process resulted in 33 unique plate designs (art directed by Katie who works at Poke), each celebrating the somewhat mundane occasions of real life, that were sent to their rightful owners.

via Where the Lovely Things Are


  1. Geneva M. Wilgus says:

    I stumbled across your blog about a week ago and couldn't be more pleased. Your posts are thoughtful and ultra unique and I have been bookmarking (read: pinning) your picks like crazy! These plates are funny and intricately stunning (rarely are funny things also attractive) and I am wowed! Thank you!
  2. katie says:

    I'm glad you like this project, I art directed it :) There's a brilliant new project going live on Monday using Owen's illustration skills again...
  3. Owen Davey - Ballista Magazine says:

    [...] June 23, 2011 Joshua Schum 0 CommentsEarlier this week on our Facebook page we posted a link to design work life that featured the work of Owen Davey. On design work life, Courtney described a project Owen [...]
  4. Courtney says:

    Oh wow, so cool! I'll add a credit to you in the post!
  5. katie says:

    oh you didn't have to do that, but thank you :)
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