Sandra Reichl: A Face a Day

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of daily or weekly illustration projects that involve the creation of unique characters. What made Sandra Reichl’s project, A Face a Day, stand out amongst them is the addition of brief, one to two sentence stories that accompany each drawing, bringing the characters to life beyond the flat page. Follow along right here.


  1. Amanda Jane says:

    this is pretty fabulous...and quite funny!
  2. World’s Strangest | A-Face-A-Day by Sandra Reichl says:

    [...] There have been several X-a-day art projects we covered here on Neatorama, but I find the A-Face-A-Day project by Sandra Reichl particularly charming. The Austrian art director/illustrator added a pithy sentence to each of the face of Viennese people she drew: Link – via designworklife [...]
  3. Monday Snax | Little Stories says:

    [...] Sandra Reichl: A Face a Day. Someone should write stories about these people. What a cool project. (Design Work Life) [...]
  4. 10+1 « Mad Girl's Love Song says:

    [...] 8. †Sandra Reichlís A Face a Day drawing project is super inspiring(via designworklife) [...]
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