Apfel Zet Graphic Design: Direktorenhaus

Apfel Zet Graphic Design is a Berlin-based, three-person studio with a wide-ranging portfolio. In particular, I love the work that they’re doing for Direktorenhaus, a venue for Berlin’s art and design scene.


  1. design work life » Apfel Zet Graphic Design: Direktorenhaus | Design That Sticks says:

    [...] via http://designworklife.com/2011/07/20/apfel-zet-graphic-design-direktorenhaus/ [...]
  2. Cut-n-Paste Girl » Blog Archive » Via Designworklife says:

    [...] Via Designworklife January 21st, 2012 0 Via Designworklife [...]
  3. Asonya Brown says:

    Fabulously sensual patterns and color pairing. Creates impressions of stained glass, tapestry, fabric, and architecture with delightful, purposeful typography. Marvelous poster.
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