Monday Quick Links: 08.01.11

I’m loving this typographic, animated video, le droit de suite (the resale right). (via daily design discoveries)

Always Remember: Life Lessons with Lucidity has been entertaining me this week. (via afternoon delight)

Here is a great video from the featuring a talk by Simon Sinek. (via swissmiss)

There’s lots of infographics to admire over at Bloomberg Insights.

SVA partnered up with Behance to launch SVA portfolios featuring the work of current students, faculty members and alumni.

A couple of interesting inforgraphics caught my eye recently: The Overworked American, and The Cost of Being Female.

Check it out: One big collection of 200 remarkable vintage TV print ads.

I finally got around to watching this TED talk that Margot posted, Why We Have Fewer Women Leaders, by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Good Reads: “Moveable Type” Offers Letterpress Classes Out Of A Truck, Let’s Talk, Dan Cassaro, Helsinki Ink, 42 Typographic Resources for Designers, Do you Suck at Selling Your Ideas?.

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  1. Evernotes Every Friday « Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] Wise Idea features great simple illustrations for so many random cliches… this is my favorite. Probably because it has to do with bacon. Found via designworklife. [...]
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