Etsy Finds: Cutting Edge Stencils

Something tells me I might not have the patience for this, but I love these graphic wall stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils as an alternative to wallpaper.


  1. Gabrielle Lackman says:

    we use the scallop stencil in our office. it's awesome! thinking about using one of their other patterns on our bedroom floor as well. The stencils come with great directions and are very easy to use.
  2. Hannah says:

    these are great! and affordable too! love that. so many of the nice wallpapers are super pricy. like maybe someday when-i'm-rich pricy. but right now i'm looking for the i'm-just-a-lowly-freelancer-price. ;)
  3. Ed says:

    Those are some great interiors. The stencils do their job well :)
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